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My unique trade-marked CareStellations approach is based on learning with several of the masters in Family and Organisational Systemic Constellations combined with traditional African approaches (in particular Shona and Nguni). Going beyond dry rational analysis, it draws on our innate intuition. It enables you to embody a subtle - or occasionally dramatic - change that you can make to improve a situation that has been feeling stuck. Often a single session is enough.

Uncle Rich has an extraordinarily wide life experience and will tailor the approach to your needs and the circumstances on the day. It will be some combination of family constellations, coaching, mentoring or physical work. Please allow 1.5 hours but it may be less.


I also offer regular public "CareStellations Gatherings" open to all including children in Oxford, building healing community in these days of personal and global challenges. See Facebook page.


Training and experience

For constellations, I have been trained by greats such as Albrecht Mahr, Jan Jacob Stam, Ed Rowlands and John Whittington and worked with many others.

For coaching, I completed the ILM Level 5 training at NHS England.

For mentoring, I draw on my twelve years of experience as a manager in large commercial organisations, nine years of running my own consultancy limited company and twenty-five years of working with social care and health systems. 

For physical work, I trained as an Iyengar yoga teacher and a massage therapist and am an experienced ecstatic dancer. I also trained in aromatherapy.

I have experience of issues involving race (I have three mixed race children), gender (men's work and feminism), transgender, sexuality, mental health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol. I also have a lifelong interest in politics, history and the future and am trained in Political Savvy techniques. I am respectful of all faiths, all paths that people follow in order to connect with what is divine or sacred.


Payment can be made here according to your financial circumstances.

10% of all payments will be donated to the Oxford Zimbabwe Medical Aid Fund (OZiMAF). 


To request a session: 

email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A one-off session of CareStellations will open up new insights for you.

The constellations approach is based on this four step process:

OMEN acronym




I will guide you through observing and describing all the key aspects of your situation. Not detailed stories - it's the fundamentals that matter. Confidentiality is assured and names can remain anonymous.



We will use representatives of people or factors within your situation and map the relationships between them.



Our map will enable you to explore the dynamics between the different forces that you are facing. We will check into the perspective of each and assess how its effect changes as it moves its positioning towards other elements in your situation.


Next steps

And finally, the insights that you gain will enable you to identify practical next steps to implement, probably improving your life prospects in more ways than one.


To request a session 

Or for any questions,

email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Thanks for encouraging me to take the CareStellations exercise. It was not until afterwards in my kitchen, that it hit me how you helped me overcome a barrier I was facing personally. That could have hampered my company's growth. The work gave me a new boost of confidence: the company started with me and will get to the next stage with me."

- AL, owner and MD of private care company


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Richard Pantlin also co-hosts public Family Constellations workshops through the Oxfordshire Initiative for Systems Constellations. For more details, see - now part of my colleague Silvia Siret's website. 

"Every time I work with Silvia & Richard, I find more healing, more insight into life's truths and ways, and I find them gentle and caring."