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CareStellations TM is a coaching method that I have developed based on Systemic and Family Constellations.

I work with business owners, managers and individuals to address issues in their business, their personal lives or at the intersection of the two.

We will use representatives of people or factors within your situation in order to explore the deeper truths of underlying dynamics. It goes beyond dry rational analysis, drawing on our innate intuition. CareStellations enables you to embody a subtle - or occasionally dramatic - change that you can make to improve a work or personal situation that has been feeling stuck. It offers you the chance to experience that change from the inside in the safety of a confidential session, so that you can put it into effect in your life.

We will map the dynamics at play within your system or “constellation” and then allow you to work with those forces and explore the effects of subtle changes. It will give you more objectivity on your situation and empathy with the other key actors. 

As a coach, my role is to help you find the answers for yourself, challenging and supporting you as appropriate. I draw on my twelve years of experience as a manager in large commercial organisations and nine years of running my own consultancy limited company. I have also had a rich, varied and diverse personal life and am unlikely to be shocked by anything that you choose to share.

For any particular issue, CareStellations TM usually allows you to find the right next step by the end of each session, giving quicker results than traditional coaching.


I can offer some early evening and weekend slots.


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And let me help you with the next stage of your work and life.


"Richard has helped me explore important business issues. He is an excellent listener, and is thoughtful and insightful. His use of constellations opens up insights that were not obvious.  It allows me to look at situations with fresh understanding of other players' viewpoints."

Richard H, owner and MD of environmental consultancy firm


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Richard Pantlin also co-hosts public workshops on Family Constellations through the Oxford Initiative for Systems Constellations. For more details, see